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Water Based Painting

All moldings can be painted easily!


Creative Crown foam crown moldings can be painted with all water-based household paints.

You can brush them by hand or spray them with a commercial or residential air or airless system. Do not use a “spray can” of paint. When brushing you will only need one coat of paint and when spraying you may need two light coats to have a smooth finish. Does not require a priming coat of paint like MDF and wood moldings. You can also faux finish your foam crown moldings to achieve a wood look.

One Coat!

One coat of water-based white paint brushed on.

Here are a few examples of faux finished foam crown moldings.

Take a look at our instructional videos!

Creative Crown product information about our foam crown moldings. How to cut, saw, install, faux finish and paint foam crown moldings.