Crown Molding Installation Kit 160 ft. of molding


  • Feature: 5 Tubes of caulk
  • Feature: 1 Tube of sand-able spackle
  • Feature: 1 Flexible 220 grit sanding sheet & 2- 220 sanding sponge
  • Feature: 1 Three in one combo caulking tool
  • Items in kit may vary in brand name depending on availability.
  • Angle finder is not included in installation kits.

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Buy only the installation materials that you need. Our crown moldings use about 1/2 the materials that other foam crown moldings require.

You only need one straight bead of caulk on the top and bottom horizontal seams.
No zig zag beads of caulk are needed to attach our moldings to the wall.
All of our moldings have runners on the back side to hold it firmly to the wall.
Just press firmly to the wall. Our molding bonds and holds instantly.
Saves you materials, labor and money.
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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