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The Best Crown Molding Manufacturers in Pennsylvania

Easy to install for a beginner or a professional.

Installing crown molding on your home roof is an expensive and tiring process. But with Creative Crown, this is about to change. Now you can install crown moldings in your Pennsylvania home without professional help and complex cutting machinery. Buy our flat back crown molding and fit your home’s roof yourself.

The easiest crown molding that you will ever install!

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What Makes Our Crown Molding In Pennsylvania Easiest to Install?

Go from Amateur to Ace in Just a Few Minutes

Creative Crown’s foam crown moldings come in 24 different profiles. This means you can choose from various sizes and buy the one that correctly fits your Pennsylvania home’s roof. We offer vaulted crown moldings designs and flat back crown moldings of different sizes. So, there is no way you can’t find the right size in our shop.

Moreover, you don’t need to buy or take out your entire toolbox during installation. All you need is water-based painters caulk. All our crown moldings have a flat back that makes it easier to flush them straight against the wall. The flat back ensures you don’t have to cut off the moldings or use fasteners, nuts, and bolts to make them sit flush with the roof and walls. You only have to apply the caulk on the molding then fit it to the designated position pushing the molding up and down the wall. Call us today as we are the best crown molding manufacturers in Pennsylvania.


Class A Material Angelo Flat Back Molding

Pennsylvania loves using crown moldings made from class A fire-rated material. Our EPS foam moldings are made from Styropor BFL that comply with surface burning characteristics. All our products are built in America and approved directly from NAFTA.

You can install our Angelo flat back molding created with class A material on almost any surface such as sheetrock, wood, gypsum, brick, concrete, stucco, glass, metal, etc. The best part about our flat back crown molding installation in Pennsylvania  is that you don’t need clippers, fasteners, nails, or screws for installation.

Flat Back Molding

Brett - 013molding
5 Styles Available
Suitable For LED Lighting
Made in 8-ft increments
Matching crown molding corners are available
Matching flexible crown molding is available

Create An Aesthetic Look with Vaulted Crown Moldings in Pennsylvania

Get vaulted crown moldings in Pennsylvania for your sloped roofs and cathedral ceilings. You can adjust our foam crown vaulted moldings from 75 to 135 degrees by sliding them up and down the wall till they hit the ceiling angle.

Additionally, they have angled up and down corners to match the vaulted moldings. They are also easy to install as they also come with a flat back and the same material profile. So, order from our three different sizes and give a new aesthetic look to your house.

Vaulted Molding

Brett - crown molding
Molding comes 95.5 inches long
Ceilings that start at 8 to 9 feet high are ideal
Adjustable angles from 70 to 135 degrees
Interchangeable with normal flat back moldings
Angled up and down cor ners available for 4.5′′ vaulted moldings

Fit Our Angelo Flexible Crown Molding the Way You Want

If your home has a lot of curved walls, our Angelo flexible crown molding has you covered. Now you can fit your Pennsylvania house roof without any complex cutter and tools. We customize flexible foam moldings according to your home’s curved walls. We measure and take the wall’s size to ensure a perfect fit.

After the measurements are done, we manufacture the molding in a silicone rubber mold. This mold is pre-curved to match the curves and radius of your walls. After the molding is complete, you receive it in a box, rolled up similar to a fire hose.

Visit our offices to see our stellar products for yourself and get complete guidance for crown molding installation in Pennsylvania.

Flexible Molding

105 Bennett Hills Dr, Weatherford, TX 76088 817 659 2979
6 Styles Available
Created from a high-density urethane
Flexible and foam moldings pair well together
Custom-fit for inside or outside curves
Minimum bend is 12″ radius
Order in 4-ft increments (max of 12 ft per)

Discover Why Pennsylvanian's Choose Creative Crown

Second to none in craftsmanship and customer support, our team of seasoned pros has been industry-honored and frequently recognized for our commitment to quality and excellence. Now show us a pic or diagram of your room by phone, text, or email, and we’ll be delighted to chat best options. Creative Crown are one of the best crown molding manufacturers in Pennsylvania.


Take a look below at what our clients are saying...

Mike Halyard
Mike Halyard
March 17, 2019.
Its one thing to get a fantastic product, but today's world it is absolutely incredible to receive the level of service we experienced at Creative Crown Molding! The product speaks for itself...glamorous and easily installed and .....with the owners going that extra mile to assist us in determining our needs and "how to" with installation, we can't begin to put in words how happy we are with the results. We have decided to trim all the rooms in our house. Again, a BIG THANK YOU and GOD BLESS!
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones
February 6, 2019.
Great place to get unique and super lightweight crown molding.
Christi Jordan
Christi Jordan
October 10, 2018.
ORDER NOW! Just trust me! It took our home from nice to AMAZING in one weekend. My husband and I did it ourselves and it turned out better than I could have ever imagined. The owners are super helpful and have video tutorials to help, although we didn't need them because it was so easy. I highly recommend this product!!!
Robert Kipper
Robert Kipper
August 27, 2018.
Outstanding company to do business. They were extremely helpful and professional. Highly recommend them. Special thanks to Tammy and Glenn for being so patient and accommodating for my needs.
Dustin Dreier
Dustin Dreier
July 30, 2018.
Easiest way to add trim around ceiling looks great and is much cheaper when your installing wide trim
Robert Miller
Robert Miller
June 3, 2018.
Creative Crown and Austin Crown Molding Great company to buy from. Great products and service!

Austin Crown Molding’s will be closing and the website has been merged with another company, Creative Crown.