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How to Paint Crown Molding: 7 Tips to Consider

Crown Molding

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Crown moldings are a type of trim used to accent ceilings and walls. They come in various styles and can be made from different materials. You can usually find them in homes with high ceilings, but they can be used in any room. Crown moldings can be painted to match the rest of the room’s decor or to make a bolder statement.

Why Paint Crown Molding

Crown moldings are a decorative element often used in homes and other buildings. One reason to paint crown moldings is to change the color. This can be done to match the rest of the room’s decor or to create a new look. Here are three reasons to do this:

1. Match the Room

To paint a room and create a cohesive atmosphere, you should use colors that match and flow well together. Mismatched colors can break up the ambiance and take away from other features in the room. Coating your moldings with colors that complement the space will allow them to enhance it in all the right ways. A proper design scheme can make all the difference in helping a room feel the way it should.

2. Create a Finished Look

Crown moldings are typically seen as a sign of refinement and elegance, and painting them white can help to create that feeling in a room. However, leaving them unfinished can take away from that tone.

3. Meet Your Preference

The color you choose for your crown molding is ultimately up to you. No wrong answers exist, and any color can look great in the right setting. So experiment and see what you like best!

Tips for Painting Crown Molding

Installing crown molding is not a difficult task, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Paint Before Installation

It is easier to paint your molding before you install it. This limits you to hand-painting, as you won’t be able to use a spray can or gun in the house.

2. Keep Paint Layers Thin

It’s important to keep your spray paint layers light – too much paint can make your project look messy and take longer to dry.

3. Paint in a Well-Ventilated Area

Spray painting should be done in a ventilated area to avoid inhaling fumes. It is also a good idea to wear a mask to avoid breathing in the fumes.

4. Choose Primed Crown Molding

Order crown molding already primed if you want to save time on your painting project. This crown molding is ready to be painted as soon as you receive it.

5. Use Painter’s Caulk

You should use painter’s caulk to seal the molding properly to fill in any gaps between the molding and the wall. Remember that the caulk will be white, so you may need to paint over it after it dries to match the molding color.

6. Install Quick Clips

After the paint on the molding has dried, you can install quick clips and mounting parts. This process can take a few hours if you hand-painted the molding or up to a few days if you use spray paint.

7. Use Painter’s Tape

If you paint your moldings after you’ve installed them, you can use two options to get a clean edge. The first option is to use painter’s tape to mask off the area you’re not planning to paint. The second option is to use a technique called cutting in, which allows for a smooth edge with just a brush.


Painting crown molding can be a simple and rewarding project. With the proper supplies and a little bit of patience, anyone can achieve professional-looking results. When painting crown molding, take your time and work in small sections. Also, don’t forget to sand and prime the molding before painting. With a little effort, you can transform your home’s appearance and add value to your property.

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