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Ever Wonder Why Homes Need Crown Molding? Read about It Here


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Crown molding is a decorative trim installed where the walls and ceilings meet. It adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to any room and can accentuate a home’s design. Installing crown molding is a fantastic approach to improving your home’s aesthetic and can add value to your property.

Crown moldings are commonly constructed using wood, although other materials, such as foam, plastic, and MDF (medium-density fiberboard), can also be employed. These materials have advantages and can create distinctive and attractive crown moldings.

Crown Molding History

Crown moldings have been around for many years and have been part of the decorative industry for a long time. They were created to serve a practical purpose. Still, over the years, decorators have used them to add a decorative touch to a room while also providing a useful function.

Crown moldings are an effective way to spruce up a room’s look. When installed correctly, they can give the space an elevated appearance and create the illusion of a taller ceiling. Additionally, crown moldings can be used to help hide the imperfections around the junction of the walls and ceiling, creating a more seamless transition between the two.

These trimmings can be a great way to shield walls from any potential damage. It can help to conceal surface imperfections and guard against future harm.

Crown Molding Costs

When it comes to the cost of crown molding, it depends on the type of material and size of the room you are working with. If you want to save money, then composite crown molding is the way. On the other hand, if you are less concerned with budget, plaster molding will be more expensive due to its intricate detailing and labor costs.

More specifically, the cost of materials per linear foot can range from a low of $1 to a high of $40. According to The Family Handyman, materials such as plaster, exotic woods, solid woods, and moldings with custom construction tend to be more expensive and cost between $7 and $40 per linear foot. Less expensive materials cost between $1 and $6 per linear foot. Including labor, the total cost of custom trims and moldings can be as much as $20 per foot of length!

Crown Molding Styles

In essence, crown molding is a type of decorative trim usually installed along the tops of walls and ceilings. It gives a room a certain aesthetic look and level of sophistication. Different styles suit the needs of different homes and decor styles, ranging from traditional to modern. 

When choosing the right style, it is important to consider the existing theme of the home and the desired effect of the crown molding. Once the style is selected, the molding can be installed to transform a room’s look instantly.

Painting crown molding can create an optical illusion that can make a room feel taller. Using the same color on crown molding, you can make the ceiling appear higher than it is. This can help create the illusion of more space in the room, giving it a larger and more open feel!

In Closing

Crown moldings are a timeless interior design feature that will never go out of style. They are a great way to add visual appeal to a room while protecting your walls and fellow residents.

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