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Trusted Home Improvement With California Crown Molding Manufacturers

Easy to install for a beginner or a professional.

When it comes to your home, you don’t want to make any compromises. Choose the finest crown mold manufacturers in California, delivering you high-quality services and products at the best possible price.

Home improvement can be an overwhelming experience for homeowners, but we make it easy, fun, and affordable with our products and services. While a single room remodeling can cost thousands of dollars and take months to complete, installing our crown molding is a solution within every individual’s means and an easy way to make a luxury upgrade to your home.

You can install it yourself without the need for a whole construction team. So, besides saving money on its cost, you will also save a good amount of money on the installation too. To learn more about crown molding manufacturers in California, call us today.

The easiest crown molding that you will ever install!

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Transform Your Lifestyle With The Power Of Crown Molding

Go from Amateur to Ace in Just a Few Minutes

We have something for every room. With our crown molding, you can refurbish the look of any room in your house, adding the luxury that you seek to stay within your budget. Whether it’s the space in your kitchen or a bedroom, you can add a flair of elegance with crown molding and make your ordinary home extraordinary.


No Loose Nails To Fix Here

When we claim that you can do the installation with little to no expertise in mold installation, we mean it. But what about drilling nail holes and dealing with heavy crown molding? At Creative Crown, we have designed foam crown molding, which is more convenient to install and never warps, making it a perfect installation for bathrooms.

We have also cut corners for you to have a seamless transition without any trouble. But if you still struggle with the crown molding installation in California, you can call us, and our professionals will be happy to help.

Flat Back Molding

Brett - 013molding
5 Styles Available
Suitable For LED Lighting
Made in 8-ft increments
Matching crown molding corners are available
Matching flexible crown molding is available

Crafting A Change For Good

We have brought a revolution in home improvement with the foam crown molding but will anyone know if it’s foam or wood? Absolutely not! We have designed our foam crown molding in many styles, ranging from large and ornate to slim and discrete.

Pick the look that you aim for your home and enhance the luxury of your home. Our professionals will offer step-by-step guides for easy installation, but our helpful team is a call away if you get stuck. You can also let us know if you need any help.

At Creative Crown, we understand that you may have a particular look for your home in mind. That is why we provide a variety of standard or custom crown moldings in California.

Vaulted Molding

Brett - crown molding
Molding comes 95.5 inches long
Ceilings that start at 8 to 9 feet high are ideal
Adjustable angles from 70 to 135 degrees
Interchangeable with normal flat back moldings
Angled up and down cor ners available for 4.5′′ vaulted moldings

We've Got All The Crown Molding Options You'll Ever Need

When you want nothing but the most for your California home, count on us to deliver. We offer the highest quality crowns at the best prices because we can source them from reliable suppliers.

You dream it; we make it a reality. If you have something particular in mind, sketch the design out for us, and we can offer you custom-designed crown molding.

As a local business, we have served as one of the best crown molding manufacturers in California. Please drop by our showroom today to see the difference.

Flexible Molding

105 Bennett Hills Dr, Weatherford, TX 76088 817 659 2979
6 Styles Available
Created from a high-density urethane
Flexible and foam moldings pair well together
Custom-fit for inside or outside curves
Minimum bend is 12″ radius
Order in 4-ft increments (max of 12 ft per)

Discover Why Californians Choose Creative Crown

Second to none in craftsmanship and customer support, our team of seasoned pros hasbeen industry-honored and frequently recognizedfor our commitment to quality andexcellence.Now show us a pic or diagram of your room by phone, text, or email, and we’ll bedelighted to chat best options


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