Creative Crown polystyrene foam crown moldings are a high density,
smooth, white,"molded" material. They have a no bead look.
Our crown moldings are made under a high heat and high pressure
process unlike regular expanded foam moldings.
Most foam crown moldings made by other manufactures are about a 1 lb. density.
They require special finishes and coatings.

Our foam crown moldings have a 4 lb. density which
gives you a strong part with a firm surface and a no bead look.
They only require one coat of a water-based paint.
(Look at the illustrations below to see the difference)

Fact: "Styrofoam" is a trademark of Dow Chemical
 Styrofoam is not even an open cell foam. It is actually an extruded closed cell polystyrene material." XPS"
"Styrofoam" is now a reconized name for EPS expanded polystyrene, XPS extruded polystyrene
and even polyurethane crown moldings. When you search the web you will find all three.

EPS is an "Expanded Polystyrene"  foam like you see
in drink coolers
and corners protectors that go around products in boxes.
There are several densitys of EPS foams.
Example: 1 lb. foam means 1lbs. per cubic foot in weight. (soft)
      2 lb. foam means 2 lbs. per cubic foot in weight. (harder)
Most likely you will not see any EPS greater that 2 Lb. for commercial use
and 1 lb. for packaging, hobby or household use.
Our crown moldings are 4 Lb. density.

<<<Click the picture for a closeup
view of finished crown moldings


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