Cut an outside corner

Cut an inside corner

Cut crown molding in any position in a miter saw

Cut vaulted down corner 
 for angled ceilings

Cut an outside bullnose corner

Cut a back to back corner for
an end wall or island wall

Cut a tapered dead end / return
for the end of molding runs

Cut a square dead end / return
for the end of molding runs

See how to cut a large angled
130 degress etc.

How to install crown moldings on a flat
wall with no ceiling or for indirect lights

The easiest crown molding  
you will ever cut and install

Install indirect rope or LED  
lights in foam crown moldings

See how vaulted foam crown
moldings work on vaulted, angled,
sloped and cathedral ceilings

See how crown molding corner blocks work on flat,
vaulted, angled, sloped and
cathederal ceilings

How to make good crown
molding  joints and seams

Quick review of Creative
Crown foam moldings

How to faux finish our
foam crown moldings

How to paint crown moldings

Can spray paint test on EPS foam
and crown moldings Does
EPS - Styrofoam melt?

Why use foam crown moldings
instead of wood moldings

Fire tests on different foam moldings.


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Creative Crown product information about our foam crown moldings.
How to cut, saw, install, faux finish and paint foam crown moldings.

             How to cut crown moulding corners, dead ends and install indirect lighting etc.

How to cut foam crown molding

How to install foam crown molding,
corner blocks and make good seams and joints

How to paint and faux finish foam crown molding

Interesting information

Cut vaulted up corner
 for angled ceilings