Creative Crown foam crown moldings allow you to
install indirect lighting and cables with total ease!
Perfect crown molding to hide raceway wires!
Simply apply two beads of painters caulk horizontally along the
 back of the molding and press to your wall. Wipe off any excess caulk.
You have installed your molding and caulked the seams in one easy step!
The best and most inexpensive way to install raceway wires and LED lighting.

Crown molding with
Indirect wall lighting 

Install crown molding
with no ceiling, wall only


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Foam crown molding installed with LED lighting.
foam crown molding installed with round rope lights.

 Incandescent rope lights with the room lights off.

 LED strips lights with the room lights off.

Install foam crown molding to the wall for LED ligfhting.

 Just install the molding on the wall with our flat-back crown moldings. All you need is two beads of painters caulk.

adding LED lights on the top of the molding.

 Now lay in your rope or LED light strips into the channel
 on top of the molding. No fasteners are needed!

Crown molding with indirect LED and rope lighting.

 Creative Crown foam crown moldings allow you to install wiring where you have limited
or no access to attics. You can install your wiring and add a decorative look to your room.